About The Mehadi Foundation supports U.S. veterans of the global war on terror by offering them the chance to take an active role in their own healing and the healing of others. http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/ Tue, 08 Jul 2014 09:19:04 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Origins http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/origins.html http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/origins.html Origins of the Mehadi Foundation

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The Foundation is named for a young Iraqi boy from the town of Badrah who showed exceptional kindness to the organization's founder, Jeff Key, while he served as a United States Marine during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Mission http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/mission.html http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/mission.html Mehadi Foundation's Mission

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The Mehadi Foundation believes that the best way to support our veterans of the global war on terror is to offer them the chance to take an active role in their own healing and the healing of others.

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Founder: Jeff Key http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/founder.html http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/founder.html About Mehadi Foundation Founder Jeff Key

Jeff Key is a writer, actor, philanthropist, peace activist, veterans’ advocate, and queer civil rights activist, as well as a former Marine and Iraq war veteran.

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Board Members http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/board-members.html http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/board-members.html Mehadi Foundaton Board

The Mehadi Foundation benefits from the experience, vision and support of a talented Board of Trustees.

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Goals http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/goals.html http://www.mehadifoundation.org/about/goals.html Mehadi Foundation Goals

We aspire to facilitate writing workshops, retreats, lectures, and more.

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